J Paul Jr & the Zydeco Nubreeds - Zydeco Music with a blend of Blues, R & B, Hip Hop, and Gospel
Get everyone on the dance floor with J Paul Jr & the Zydeco Nubreeds!
One of the hottest bands in the area, J Paul Jr & the Zydeco Nubreeds generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform.
 The 5 piece band was formed in 1994. Enjoying much success with band members: J Paul Jr (band leader, writer, producer,vocalist & accordian player), John John (vocalist & scrubboard player), Rambo (music director, vocalist, & guitar), & Bphlatt(drummer).  Zydeco music with a blend of Blues, R & B, Hip Hop, funk, & reggae -- J Paul Jr & the Zydeco Nubreeds do it all!
J Paul Jr & the Zydeco Nubreeds have taken the French Creole music of rural Southwest Louisiana and blended it with sounds of blues, R & B, Hip Hop, and Gospel. All the way from Houston, TX with this style and sound, they have "CHANGED THE GAME" and taken Zydeco to next level nationally.
With the release of 10 cd's, 1 live in concert cd, a live in concert DVD and the new title "STRONGER" just released March of 2009, this band is well on their way to major success! There is a high demand for the band to perform at major festivals, clubs, church events, fundraisers, political rallies, etc. This band has been on stage with Zydeco Legends Beau Jocque. Boo Zoo, and Buckwheat. The Nubreeds have performed on stage with artists ranging from Hip Hop to Gospel artists, such as major artists like Cupid, Robin Thicke, Mel Waiters, Patrick Henry, Johnny Taylor, Tyrone Davis, Marvin Cease, Bobby Bluebland, The Ojays, Lenny Williams, Clarence Carter, Ludacris, Earth, Wind & Fire, J Blackfoot, Third World, Lucky Dube-Reggae and many more! They have had an honor of having musicians like Scarface, Madhatter (97.9FM Houston, TX), Vicious, Big Mike, Pastor Elvin Stewart, Shawn & Rhonda McClemore, and Street Military on numerous tracks on their CD titles.
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